About the Program

Learn, Out of the Box (LOTB) is a Pratham initiative in partnership with Vodafone Foundation and Indus Towers Ltd. to positively impact the learning levels of the students in low income schools through introduction of technology in classrooms. The programme has adopted a teacher-centric approach wherein the teacher is being empowered through access to technology and methodologies for ensuring more participative and productive classroom sessions. Given the context and the objectives of the programme, LOTB has identified a set of challenges and opportunities for teachers in low income schools:

• Lack of opportunities for teachers to apply innovative pedagogical practices
• Lack of content knowledge of teachers. This is especially a challenge in private schools

• Access to technology and through it information which can be utilized to make classrooms more          interactive
• Opportunity of networking with other teachers in the school to ensure technology is eventually           integrated in the school

Support Model
The teacher support model of LOTB is based on TPACK (Technology-Pedagogy-Content Knowledge) approach which was presented by Matthew J Koehler & Punya Mishra of Michigan State University in 2007. According to the study, teacher’s understanding of educational technology, pedagogical & content knowledge interact with one another to produce effective teaching with technology. LOTB has further added the dimension of outcome based Networking to TPACK: NE-TPACK (NETWORKING-TECHNOLOGY-PEDAGOGY-CONTENT KNOWLEDGE)

The expected outcome is enhancement in their existing knowledge levels of TPACK (Technology-Pedagogy-Content Knowledge) and initiation in outcome based Networking (intra-school) to ensure holistic development in the teacher.

Implementation of the Programme
The programme aims to achieve its goal by:
•   Providing curriculum aligned digital content for Math & Science for Classes 6 to 8 to schools in      Hindi,English and Marathi
•   Conducting training of teachers in using the technology and integrating it with regular classroom      practices
•   Providing regular in-classroom support through programme associates for implementation of the         programme activities

The Technology

•  The schools are provided with a Tablet pre-           loaded with content which can be accessed         through customized mobile application                 named,'Learning with Vodafone'.Teacher is the     primary  user of the Tablet for in-classroom           teaching
• The television is used for displaying digital    content and is connected to the tablet with a         micro-HDMI cable
•  3G enabled SIM card is also provided to the         school for accessing internet for additional information
•  One set of hardware shown in the image is provided to each school

By March 2017 the programme will be operational in 1,000 low-income schools across 08 states of India, reaching over 1,40,000 children and working with around 3,000 teachers.

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