Monday, 17 August 2015

Documenting an Interactive and Diverse Teaching and Learning Process - Part II

-Lovnish Thakur
(Lovnish manages the Learn, Out of the Box programme in Himachal Pradesh)

The second day of the video shoot was exciting, as the children had figured out that they were part of an innovative exercise being done in their school. With students from other classes, peeping in, the excitement level of children was naturally on the higher side.

After the initial commotion, it was time for action and the teachers and students were ready for another day of hectic shoot.

The students were split into groups of four students each and every group was assigned to do a role-play for any one particular kind of triangle. For example, if a group needed to present a Right Angle Triangle, two students used their hands to make the shape, one student spoke about its characteristics and one student spoke about its uses.

Each group was given 2 minutes to speak on the properties of the triangle. The entire exercise was a learning experience for the children and gave them an opportunity to express their thoughts on the subject in a creative manner.

Amazingly, the students had gotten used to the scenario so well that the shoot was completed in two shots!

Quick Assessment:
The other activity for the day was named 'Quick Assessment' and the students played a game where they had to throw a ball on a chart paper that had horizontal and vertical lines drawn on it. For every throw on the right spot, the student was asked a question. In case they answered it correctly, they were given another chance to throw at the chart paper.

The questions had been taken from the WebBox and each of the questions were written on the blackboard. This assignment was basically an interactive quiz which tested the knowledge of the students on the topic “Properties of Triangle”

Project Work:
Home assignment is a vital part of any student learning process and defines the outcome of the learning that students gain out of a day’s classroom session. To showcase the relevance of home work in a student’s learning scenario, they were assigned project work. This proved to be the most exciting part of the video shoot as the students headed outdoors to complete the assignment.
In this assignment, the students were assigned the task of make few triangles using broomsticks. Three standard measurements were given to the students for the assignment. These were 6, 5 &10 cm, 6, 5 &11 cm and 6, 5 &12 cm.

The trick here was to make a triangle out of these measurements. Only one of the measurements was appropriate for making of a triangle and the students discussed their thoughts on the same in the classroom.
Excitement prevailed throughout this assignment as it was done outdoors and villagers too gathered around to watch the shoot.

The day ended with interactions with Viraj Kaushal, the subject teacher and the Principal Ms. Suketa Sharma of Government Sr. Sec. School, Kiarkoti.They expressed pleasure over the successful completion of the video shoot in the school. We also interviewed few students on what they thought of the present education system and changes they would bring if they were in a position of power. The answers were interesting and they came up with creative ideas that could be implemented to bring betterment in the education sector.

It was four in the evening and after an informal chat with the young budding minds, we headed back with the promise that the children will get to watch the shoot soon enough.