Thursday, 18 June 2015

Glimpses of Field Visit

-Shadab Ahmed
(Shadab manages the Learn, Out of the Box programme in Rajasthan)

This summer, as temperature was rising in Rajasthan and the academic session in schools was coming to an end I planned to visit to Jhalawar and Ajmer.

The visit was to take stock of the project in these districts, conduct an orientation for our RPAs on the community teaching initiative and also plan a project for our RPAs for the upcoming vacations. The community teaching initiative has been envisioned as one of the steps for project sustainability in Rajasthan.

In most schools, that I visited I could see how our project had impacted teaching learning process in

the schools. For instance in one schools I saw charts and models prepared by students. I have plans to conduct a cluster level inter school Science and Math Exhibitions for our schools in the district and gift models and TLMs to nearby government schools.

A Science teacher in another school spoke about the significance of group learning strategies like Group Discussions and others. He said ‘Initially our Principal was skeptical of using Group Learning as a Teaching-Learning practice. However, when he saw students responding to these and such other methods he encouraged us to use such methods of teaching in other classes as well’. I feel proud hearing this type of responses from teachers because Interactive and Diverse Teaching Methods (IDTMs) has been one of our focus areas and we have conducted few training and focused workshops for our RPAs and teachers as well.

At one school, the principal informed how he was reluctant about signing up for the project initially. Today, teachers in his schools are confidently using the WebBox and he believes that teaching learning scenario has improved. He was concerned that parents are not committed enough about the quality of their children’s education. When we followed up with our Community Teaching plan, he liked our idea and he thought this initiative will involve the parents and make them aware about their child’s progress.

It was a gratifying experience as I could firsthand see the change happening in terms of teaching practice in these schools. I thank our RPAs Priyanka and Manoj for their support during this visit.