Thursday, 30 April 2015

Learnings from the Hills - II

-Durgesh Tiwari 

(Durgesh works with the Central Team of the Learn, Out of the Box programme. He also manages the programme in Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh)

Government High School, Chaura Maidan, Shimla
My second visit was to a Government High School in Chaura Maidan. Here too the teacher, Ms Bikul Sood, who is a new teacher in our project, taught the students about evolution of silk and the ways how it is processed.

She started the class in a traditional way wherein she asked students few questions related to the topic, as the students had previously been taught this topic. She used the 'SEE' section to showcase the video on the process of making Silk.

Later, I asked the students a few questions to see how interested they were and I found that the children took keen interest in learning facts when it was demonstrated using the WebBox content.

Both the schools (first one was covered in the last post) were in the vicinity of Shimla town. Hence, we decided to visit some schools in Sunni block of Shimla district which has a distinct rural touch. The first visit here was to a Government Senior Secondary School in Neen. The Science teacher in this school, Ms Lalita Verma chose to demonstrate an experiment from ‘DO’ section of the WebBox. She demonstrated a couple of experiments to show the presence of starch in food materials. Conducting experiments and activities was easy at this classroom because there were only 12 students.

Children doing experiments at GSSS, Khatnol
The children took keen interest in performing the experiments for themselves and experienced ‘learning by doing’. Carrying out experimental activities in classes having more number of students is still a challenge and this needs to be addressed.

The principal informed me that the parents have a considerable amount of interest in the Learn, Out of the Box programme at this school. 

The other school that we visited was Government Senior Secondary School in Khatnol. Here due to power issue during the class, we decided to play some games with the young children. They enjoyed the game and displayed strong team bonding. The teachers said that they too conduct such games and activities whenever there are electricity issues.

Our Regional Program Associate for Sunni Block, Sushma Shandil supported us during this visit.

This is Part 2 of our 2 part travelogue