Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Celebrating the Spirit of Science: National Science Day in LOTB Schools in Himachal Pradesh

- Lovnish Thakur
(Lovnish is the newly assigned Regional Programme Manager for Himachal Pradesh, and oversees the 'Learn, Out of the Box' programme in the State.)

National Science Day was celebrated enthusiastically on 28th February, and the State of Himachal Pradesh was no exception to this. True to its spirit of focal theme for 2015 “Science for Nation Building”, the budding scientists of remote hilly schools of Himachal eagerly awaited the day.

Daulat Ram explaining the Raman
effect to students
A student sees how light travels

The Learn, Out of the Box team too contributed on this day which is celebrated to mark the discovery of Raman Effect by Indian physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman on this day. Kids were readily prepared to answer the queries put in our RPAs. True to their nature, children enthusiastically reacted when Daulat Ram, one of our RPAs, demonstrated the Raman Effect practically to the students.

Learning through sharing
As it is the beginning of classroom sessions in Himachal Pradesh, not all the schools in the Learn, Out of Box programme are operational fully. However, we tried to make it an 'Out of the Box' experience for the young children with our RPAs demonstrating the concept of scattering of Light practically to the students. The idea was to highlight the relevance of Raman Effect and let the children understand for themselves why National Science Day is celebrated. The team also showed students some additional experiments to promote their interest in Scence

A small beginning, the Learn, Out of the Box team in Himachal will keep a track of all such events and we will be sharing new updates in coming days.

Students observing a magnetic field using
a magnet and iron filings
Student's conducting an experiment
on sound