Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Awarding Teachers in Karnataka

by Madhukara 
Madhukara works as a Regional Programme Associate(RPA) under Pratham Mysore. As an RPA Madhukara works directly with the teachers and schools involved in the programme

(N.B.: This article is about the teacher certification programme being implemented by Learn, Out of the Box. To know more about Teacher Certification, click here.)

Invocation song by Sudarshan,
Adarsha School
Teachers have always been held to be a much venerated class of people. They have been respected over the world, but more so in the Indian tradition and culture.

Teacher’s Day is that momentous event where students engage in unbridled capacity to shower their love, adoration and respect on their teachers - the harbingers of knowledge and light in their lives. So, to commemorate the occasion Pratham Mysore organised a “Teachers Award Ceremony” on Saturday September 6, 2014 at the Ideal Jawa Rotary School, JLB Road, Mysore. The main purpose of this programme was to award teachers who are contributing significantly to “Learn, Out of the Box”.
Jagadish S. sharing the project status
After the invocation song, the evening started with a brief review of the “Learn, Out of The Box” programme status by Mr. Jagadish S, Regional Programme Manager. The current status report provided an overview on how the Mysore schools are performing since the beginning of the current academic year, as well as compare them with the performance in schools across India in the programme. 

Long Term association with the project
Teacher attrition is a big challenge facing schools; particularly the private, unaided schools serving the lower economic sections of the society. We have seen it to be as high as 50% each year. Hence it was appropriate to identify and recognize teachers staying in the schools and in our programme for more than 1 year.
Felicitation to Mr. Mohan and Mrs.Jameelunnisa
by Mr.Sheshadri, CEO, Pratham Mysore and
Dr.Padmini, Trustee, Pratham Mysore
Felicitation Award
Given the important role played by teachers in society we felt the need to recognize teachers who are going beyond the call of duty, to continue teaching even after retirement, reflecting their passion and commitment to the noble cause. Accordingly we went beyond the scope of our project and two senior teachers were felicitated as “Life Time Teachers”. The senior teachers are Mr. Mohan, who is working as a Science teacher in Lalitha High School, Yadavagiri, Mysore and  Mrs. Jameelunnisa, who is working as a Biology teacher in Majestic Higher Primary School, Shanthinagar, Mysore.   

Programmatic Awards
Moving to the specific scope of the programme, Participation Awards and Excellence Awards were given to teachers based on their contribution and involvement in the programme for the academic year 2013-14.
According to the eligibility criteria for participation award 3 teachers from Mathematics and 3 teachers from Science were selected. The Mathematics teachers who received the participation awards are
  • Bi Bi Ayesha Siddiqha - M.E.S. School
  • Parveen Taj - St. Rita’s School
  • Deepa  G. - Jnana Gangothri School

The Science teachers who got the participation awards are
  • Hina Firdose - Mayraj School 
  • Shashikala K. - Srividya Convent
  • Vani S. - Vishwamanava

According to the eligibility criteria for the excellence award, one teacher was selected and the award was given to the:
  • Shafiya Banu, Science Teacher & Head Mistress - M.E.S. School

At the end of the award ceremony, teachers were asked to provide us with suggestions or feedback on the programme. Mr. Mohan took this opportunity and mentioned that the teachers should role-play as students to make them understand the topics better. After that Mrs. Jameelunnisa said that students are the future of our nation we should guide them towards that goal. Mrs. Shafiya Banu also spoke that every child in the school learning well because of the Learn, Out of the Box. It helps the student to grasp the concepts very well.

Award winning teachers with the Learn, Out of The Box team and Mr.Sheshadri, CEO, Pratham Mysore and Dr. Padmini, Trustee, Pratham Mysore