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Summary of Central Trainings - May to July 2014


Central Team, State Managers, and
Master Trainers at the Training in Kullu
From the end of May to the first week of July we have been conducting central level trainings for the entire team. We held trainings for our field Staff or Regional Programme Associates (RPAs), where we brought over 80 RPAs from different States together in three batches, at Pratham’s training centre in Aurangabad.

During the same period we also held trainings as part of our Pratham Education Fellowship. We currently have two types of Fellows working with us. Each participant in the Management Fellowship works as a Regional Programme Manager (RPM), overseeing the programme in one of the States where the programme is operating. The Training Fellows work alongside their managerial counterparts as Master Trainers (MTs) in a State – overseeing the pedagogic, training and capacity developing initiatives in their State. An account of the various trainings is provided below:

Fellowships Trainings

As part of the Pratham Education Fellowship we offer both our Management and Training Fellows periodic training.  From the 5th to the 11th of June we conducted trainings for both groups. The training was split into three parts. We spent the first three days, the 5th to the 7th, exclusively with the Management fellows. For the subsequent two days we were joined for combined sessions by the Training Fellows. Ultimately the last two days were spent in training with the Training Fellows.

This was the 3rd training for RPMs, and the 5th and final training for Master Trainers who will be completing their Training Fellowship.

Management Fellowship Training
The training kicked off with RPMs giving the group a briefing on the Status of the programme in their States, including their work on building capacity with their team, and the successes and challenges they faced. 
Our RPM, Brajesh, gives us an update
on the programme in Himachal Pradesh

Over the three days Regional Managers were briefed on various subjects. The group first discussed newly planned initiatives to be undertaken as part of the programme, after which RPMs were provided insights into the plan for an Experimental Pilot planned for a set of 50 beneficiaries. They were also introduced to the new Volunteer Project, planned to bring in volunteers to work with the programme at the State-level. Additionally RPMS were guided on the steps required to certify teachers under the recently launched teacher certification initiative.

Discussing new initiatives in a more
informal setting, by the river Beas
Another major part of this training involved the Monitoring and Evaluation process. New assessment tools have recently been created to measure the impact of the programme on students for Phase 2 of the programme – this is something the entire group had to be familiar with, considering we were eager to measure the impact of the target group. Apart from taking a look at the tools, we also put the Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting framework into a broader perspective and illustrated the use of and insights from the Data collected.

The training also focused on programme design – specifically Human centered design. In these sessions – apart from learning about the process of programme design – RPMs had to apply the learned skills to a mock scenario to build a programme. These sessions are part of the capacity and skill building included as part of the Management Fellowship.

One of the groups present their
programme as part of the
Programme Design sessions
Apart from this we also briefly discussed identifying and developing leadership in their field teams – this becomes important in building the capacity of the teams to be able to work independently after the RPMs finish their Management Fellowships in a year’s time.

The last component, also part of the Fellowship process involved giving the RPMs structured, contextualised and constructive feedback on their performance so far. Feedback will be a regular part of the fellowship, and it is paired with creating a plan to further develop in areas where there can be improvement.
Combined Training

Bikash, the Master Trainer for Assam,
presents his My Schools project
The first day of the combined training was spent on a team building trip to the close-by town of Manali and the surrounding areas.

The next day was spent with the Master Trainers sharing their experiences in the project. They went on to present each of their various individual fellowship projects – the first of which was innovative new models of working with schools, piloted in a subset of schools in their States. Their other projects included an Impact Study as well as a Case Study of one teacher’s journey in the programme.

Finally the Master Trainers and Managers identified key priorities for their States and jointly plotted a road map for the coming days.  

The group brainstorms to
create guidelines for RPA
Capacity Development
Training Fellowship Training
After the departure of the RPMs we began the training for the Master Trainers. This was the last training as part of the Training Fellowship and aimed to bring the Fellowship to a close.

First, Master Trainers presented their collaborative efforts in creating a Resource Box for teachers involved in the programme. After this the group moved to various discussions and activities to create guidelines for the RPMs and field staff on  Organising Trainings, Working with Teachers and Building the capacity of RPAs – areas which the Master Trainers have thus far taken the lead in, in their States.

The entire group also spent some time brainstorming various possible steps the team can take, towards making the programme more sustainable.

The Training Fellows celebrating,
having received their certificates
The last day focused on the Master Trainers reflecting both on personal and professional learning, over the course of the fellowship and their development therein.

We closed on a bittersweet note, with a farewell ceremony where outgoing fellows were presented with their certificates and some tokens. We bid the Training fellows all the very best for their future endeavours and hope that the fellowship was an enriching experience for each of them.


RPA Training

Introductory  activities on the
lawns of the Aurangabad centre
The Central Training for our RPAs was held in Pratham’s training centre located just outside Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Considering the size of the entire team, the trainings were held in three batches. The first batch was held from May 19th to the 21st for the Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Karnataka teams.
We then conducted the aforementioned RPM-MT trainings in Kullu and subsequently returned to Aurangabad to conduct batches 2 and 3 between the 26th of June and the 3rd of July for Bihar, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh; and Assam and Rajasthan respectively.

Giving RPAs an update on
the programme
For a detailed account of the RPA trainings, read our article "RPA Training 2014 - Aurangabad - The First Batch!"