Monday, 5 May 2014

Teacher Certification

This year we will be initiating a Teacher Certification programme for the teachers involved with Learn, Out of the Box. Since the programme has not been present for the entirety of the current academic year in our Phase 2 schools, and since we want to first pilot the process, we will start our certification in our Phase 1 schools in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Mysore. We will subsequently provide Teacher Certification to all schools at the end of the new school year.

Certification was something several teachers had requested and thus we contemplated the feasibility of this. We considered the benefits teacher certification would provide to both the teachers and to our programme. Subsequently we also thought about the criteria for awarding certification to teachers.
We decided to award certificates to recognize the teachers’ involvement in, and contribution to, the programme. We also hope that certificates encourages teachers to:
  • Attend and participate in future workshops and trainings
  • Use the WebBox more often
  • Use more interactive and diverse teaching methods
We will be awarding two types of certificates:
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Excellence

Certificate of Participation
Awarded to teachers to recognize their involvement in the programme, and to encourage them to improve their participation and be eligible for a Certificate of Excellence the following year.

The Certificate of Participation will be awarded to all teachers who meet the criteria set down in the MoU with schools. This includes:
  • Meeting the basic minimum usage of the WebBox, as mentioned in the MoU
  • Conducting activities on a monthly basis, using ideas from the WebBox;
  • Attending all teacher trainings and workshops.

Certificate of Excellence
The Certificate of Excellence will be awarded to teachers to appreciate their high involvement in the programme and encourage their positive usage and participation. The Certificate of Excellence will be awarded to teachers who:
  • Use the WebBox regularly, more than the basic amount as required in the MoU
  • Conduct activities on a weekly basis, using ideas from the WebBox
  • Attend all teacher trainings and workshops
  • Provide feedback on the programme, digital content, etc.
  • Participate in focus group discussions
  • Show enthusiasm in taking the programme forward

The Certificate of Excellence will be awarded to only the top 10% of total teachers in a particular State.

All the certificates are endorsed and signed by the Programme Head of the Learn, Out of the Box programme, the Pratham State Head of the respective State, as well as the head of the Vodafone Foundation India. They will be distributed in each State either in specific award functions, during upcoming teacher trainings or in government functions for government school teachers.

We hope this initiative will be of value to the teachers participating in our programme and encourages further participation and involvement in the programme.