Monday, 28 April 2014

Visit to a Smart Class

On the 8th of April, 2014 Sanjay Kumar, Pratham’s State Head of Bihar; accompanied by Bihar State Team member Rajesh Kumar Pandey; and Learn, Out of the Box field staff member, Mukesh Kumar conducted a class visit. Below is a brief account of their visit.

As part of the “Learn, Out of the Box “ programme implemented at the Rajkiya Madhya Vidyalaya in Maharaj Ghat, Ashok Kumar Jha (Science teacher) was explaining about light, mirrors, and reflections; and their use in daily life - visually and practically. Students also performed some experiments on the topic to see how light passes in a straight line, using a candle and a pipe which could be kept straight or curved.

Experimenting to see if light travels in a straight line

Students work to form shapes in groups
Also present was Virendra Kumar, the Math teacher. After the science class, there was a math activity where students, in groups, made geometrical figures such as a square, rectangle and triangle.

After the conduction of class, Sanjay Kumar (State Head) & Rajesh Kumar Pandey took some feedback about the topics taught through the LOTB programme. Children responded that when they read through books they forget the contents but, when they use the WebBox and the See, Think, and Do elements of the digital content, along with their textbooks, they were able to recognize everything.

Students are very excited with this class.

Rajesh Kumar Pandey getting 
feedback from the students