Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bringing the World to the Classroom!

Nayan is our Master Trainer based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Here she shares her experiences from a field trip to learn about 'Learn,Out of The Box' schools in Udaipur.

Education neither solely happens in the classroom nor only through textbook. With changing time, different innovative approaches have been streamed in classroom to make learning journey joyful. In order to see the change our schools are making, I had gone to Udaipur, city of lakes, to see the progress of project and big small steps that are making change in the teaching and learning styles. 
Ahead of my visit, few questions keept tickling my mind; how technology has brought change in the classroom? What are the responses of students? Does technology impact the student’s achievement? How does it help you as a teacher to teach? In order to find answer, I visited few schools to gain understanding from teachers and learn from innovations they are making in their schools. 

I was very happy to see the gleam in the eyes of teachers when they were talking about benefits they have felt by using WebBox and yes, it never added burden to their work. In almost all schools, teachers have condcuted many activities from the "Do" section of the WebBox content which they said had made learning meaningful and practical. One teacher said, “Only textbook oriented learning is not good and WebBox has helped us to cater to needs of all children”. 

The Teacher Training has proved to be a way through which teachers have gained lot of pedagogical knowledge and now implementing same in their classroom; hence feeling the change in the classroom. Group activity has built confidence in each child; Children, who were not talking in the classroom have started showing interest and are now regular in the classroom as said by teacher. 

When I interacted with 6th grade students, they said they wait for Science and Math period and enjoy learning through screen. They not only get to see how things look in reality but can also learn about things which they can’t get to see so easily.

It was so nice to see how teachers and staff have made good use of WebBox by not restricting it to grade 6 and 7 but by also bringing students from other class to learn through WebBox. The best thing was to see the change in teacher’s attitude towards teaching and learning between training and now. I sensed the success of project when I saw teachers taking initiatives to create a professional teacher community wherein they will share their lesson plan and will get to learn from each other.

I think changes have begun to happen in small pockets; Now it's time for us to identify these changes and make them contagious to create large scale impact in other schools.