Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Training Fellowship

During our Winter Fellowship Training last month we introduced you to a few projects of the Master Trainers would be taking on as part of their fellowship. As promised, you’ll find more details on each of the projects below.

“My Schools” Project

Each trainer will adopt 3 to 5 schools in their states and will design a unique model that they would implement in their adopted schools.

They will submit a proposal for a model that would include their approach, methodology and the potential impact they expect.

The project would require them to conduct a SWOT analysis of their model of working with their schools and personally work with the schools to implement these models.

They would test their models at various checkpoints, alter the process - if required - and document the process along the way. Their documentation could include feedback from teachers, snippets from students, classroom videos or anything else that would help them measure the impact.

The fellows also have the option of approaching third parties for funding, if required and approved.

A Teacher’s Story
In “A Teacher’s Story”, the fellows will select an individual teacher from a participating school and represent their journey with the program. They will closely interact with the teacher and support him/her through the journey.

They will observe classes conducted by the teacher and document the progress through time. They will also collect insights from the teacher at different points in their journey. The school management and students would also be interviewed to collect successes and challenges of the program.

This journey would finally be shared with the teacher to help them reflect on their own experience. The journey would also be shared to acknowledge the teacher’s effort in exploring interactive and diverse teaching methods and to inspire other teachers to do the same.

Resource Box
With the fellowship ending in May-June 2014, we thought it would be good for the fellows to leave behind something that would help the Regional Program Associates (RPAs) and the teachers continue with the program as smoothly as possible.

The fellows will work together and, as a group, create a 'Resource Box' that would include all their ideas, plans, methods and tips for the RPAs and teachers to access. The box could also include guides, handbooks, tool kits, teaching & learning materials, aids, etc.

Impact Testimonial

Finally, the trainers will comprehensively present the impact of the project in their own State. This will include a compilation of their experiences in different schools from launch to the end of the academic year. They will also talk about the different processes adopted, steps taken, and successes & challenges in different schools.

We are really excited to see what finally comes in, and to see the impact we’ve made from our Trainers who’ve traveled across all our project States extensively. They’ve been given the freedom to document everything in any way they want, so we’re hoping we will see a lot of creativity in the form of videos, presentations, or even plays and puppetry!