Monday, 9 December 2013

Winter Fellowship Training - Kickoff (Day 1) !

As part of our Fellowship Program Design, we conduct trainings for our Training Fellows (Master Trainers or MTs) and Management Fellows (Regional Programme Managers or RPMs) periodically. We inducted our RPMs and MTs into the program through initial trainings at Mumbai in April and May of 2013, respectively. We met our MTs for a refresher training in July 2013 in Delhi, before they went to the States for Phase 2 teacher trainings.

Having completed almost all our teacher trainings across the country, we thought it would be a good time for us to meet the teams, learn and reflect from their experiences over the past few months, build capacity, and give them an insight into what they should expect in the coming few months of their fellowship.

We've planned the Fellowship Winter Training in such a way that we spend the first 2 days exclusively with our Master Trainers, the next 2 days combined with the MTs and RPMS and finally, the last 2 days exclusively with the Regional Program Managers.

Our MTs - Bikash, Swarnali, Nayan, Nidhi, Durgesh, Shadab, Gangadhar and Pratibha - joined us at the USO House in Delhi on Sunday. It felt like a big family reunion as we hadn't met them, all together, since July. We spent sometime catching up with all of them and are really excited about the coming few days.

Day 1
We started our first day with a fun Team Building Activity - we won't reveal what it is just yet as we'd like to keep it a surprise for the RPMs, but we promise to tell you about it on Saturday.
Nidhi shares her experiences

A lot of our Trainers had questions on what happens next in their fellowship, which we hope we answered in the Fellowship Design session. After a brief recap of their roles and responsibilities the focus was on emphasizing how their roles will now change from initial teacher trainings to Capacity Building and support of Regional Program Associates (RPA), as well as teacher support.

We then introduced them to a few exciting projects that they would be taking on as part of their fellowship. Individually, they will take on a "My Schools" Project, where they will adopt 3-5 schools in their state, design, implement and document a unique model of working with the schools. They will also each document "A Teacher's Story", where they chronicle a teacher's journey through the various phases of his/her exploration with interactive and diverse teaching methods. They would also present the impact of the project in each of their states comprehensively through an "Impact Testimonial".
MTs brainstorm
for their "Resource Box"

As a group all the Master Trainers would also build a "Resource Box" - a kit of all their ideas, plans, methods, tips etc. which would be helpful for the RPAs and teachers to keep the program going. We will provide you with more details on each of these projects in another post.

Finally, to conclude the Fellowship Design session, we gave them an overview of what to expect in their forthcoming trainings and an idea of how we can help in their endeavours once their fellowship ends in May - June 2014.

Gangadhar presents his Demo lesson
After they spent some time brainstorming the elements, structure and timeline for the Resource Box project we moved on to enjoyable Demo Lessons. Each of the MTs spent 20 minutes treating all of us as Class 6 or 7 students and demonstrating how the WebBox can be used in a classroom. It was a pleasure seeing how proficient they have become, over the past few months, through their experiences.

Once we wrapped all eight demo lessons, we raced to Dilli Haat, to end our evening with a fun group outing

We are really looking forward to the next few days and will keep you updated on the Winter Fellowship Training!