Saturday, 14 December 2013

Winter Fellowship Training - Day 6 (The Last Day!)

Chandramouli, from the Central Team, runs the team
through the some of the MER procedures
The last day of the fellowship trainings was focused on the Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) framework of the project.

In the first half of the day, all the RPMs undertook a 3-hour test which will help us assess their data analysis and synthesis skills. This would further help us in supporting them with the right tools and workshops.

In the second half, they were introduced to all the monitoring and reporting formats of the project. They even spent some time practicing on some forms with the data collected from the field.

In the end, they made an action plan for the next three months for their states, a representation of all the plans made in the course of the training.

Natasha discusses Malla Reddy's three
month plan with him
Spana (right) listens in to Mahesh discussing
his plan with Ritika
Overall, the training provided multiple opportunities to share, reflect, plan for the Central team, MTs and RPMs.