Friday, 13 December 2013

Winter Fellowship Training - Day 5

Team building Activity
The day began with the same team building activity in which the Training Fellows participated in on day 1 of the training. In the first post, we kept the activity a secret , which we promised to let you in on - we asked both groups to solved a simple 12 piece trouble...blindfolded. Although this may not seem difficult, it most definitely was a challenging task which was fascinating to watch.
Presenting the Fellowship Design

After the team building activity, the group discussed the Management Fellowship Design – here we looked at the upcoming projects, trainings and deliverables which will be a part of the fellowship over the next 18 months.

Dr. Date (centre) facilitating 
After these brief sessions, a majority of the day was spent contemplating and discussing Leadership and Capacity Development in sessions led by Dr. Manisha Date. Dr. Date heads Pratham’s internal Capacity Development team.

The sessions focused heavily on several situations and activities which served as microcosms of bigger situations which occur in our roles as leaders. This in turn led us to think about our own leadership qualities, strengths, weaknesses and how we behave in a group dynamic.

A role-play on addressing conflict
within the team
The reflective nature of the session forced us to introspect a great deal – something which is a very challenging personal journey.

However, the session was not just about abstractions, we also mapped our own perceptions of our abilities on self-set leadership traits and tried to understand the level at which we are, and where we want to be, as well as the reasons holding us back from achieving our potentials. We ended by creating a concrete plan to improve ourselves and work towards the people and the leaders we want to be.
Reflecting on our leadership traits
Our Action Plans
There is no doubt that every participant left having taking away some introspection into themselves. Despite the day being quite “heavy” due to heavy introspection – it remained light and enjoyable.