Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Winter Fellowship Training - Day 3

Day 3 of the Fellowship Winter Training was also the first day of the MT/RPM Joint Training. Here’s a sneak peek into Day 3 of our training:

Goals and Objective Activity - RPM group working together to create a piece that best represents their interpretation of the goals and objectives of our program.

The Big Picture: Where are we Going? - The Jharkhand state team discussing about the roadmap of the Learn, Out of the Box program in the next three years for their state

Introducing Teacher Certification - Rudro, CT Member, giving the fellows an overview of the newly designed teacher certification program to be implemented in the states

Pratham Programs - Guest Speaker Devyani introducing the fellows to Pratham’s current programs

CaMal Methodology - Guest speakers Saira and Rakesh discussing about the technique and various approaches that form a part of the CaMal methodology

Capturing Effective Case Studies - Guest Speaker Namrta talking about various techniques involved in photography

We also had a an session where the team was Introduced to the Monitoring, Evaluations and Reporting  processes that we plan to implement. Chandramouli, from the Central Team, went through he various aspects of MER with the team.