Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Winter Fellowship Training - Day 2

After an eventful Day 1 of the fellowship training, we saw the Training Fellows warm up to each other even more on this cold Delhi winter day.
Taking the Kolb Learning Test
The day started with exploring Kolb’s learning model, and reflecting on our own learning styles. This reflection was taken forward - the group came up with ideas to cater to different learning styles in the classroom. 

We then spent some time considering various factors in the scheduling of the the next set of teacher trainings or workshops and, based on teachers' needs, what we will prioritise in the trainings
Chandramouli and Swarnali planning for workshops to be conducted in Uttarakhand
Discussing a role-play situation
A lot of the Master Trainers also wanted to know more about working with schools. So, we thought that it would be best if they learnt from each other through role-playing and brainstorming on different situations that the field staff could face with schools.
A discussion during the session on interpreting data
An informative session on Visual Communication followed lunch, where we discussed different ways to present information visually - such as photo essays, documentaries and infographs. We even saw how we could synthesize information presented to us through the Data Interpretation session.
Nayan and Bikash narrating the story of some tribals trying to save their village using finger puppets
 We ended the day with a session on generic classroom activities. These included a treasure hunt, role play, using puppets in the classroom, and a reflection model. We hope that the Master Trainers can take these back as a resource bank to use in workshops or classroom planning sessions.