Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Organisations Involved in the Programme

In last year's post, A Tangled Web, we shared the complex web between different organisations involved in the programme. With all the changes and new players involved, we wanted to once again share with you the structure of the programme and the various players who work together to make it possible. The chart below illustrates this:

Core Organisations
  • Pratham Education Foundation: Pratham is the primary implementer of the programme. The deployment, subsequent operation as well as the operational oversight of the programme is the responsibility of Pratham. Most coordination with partners is carried out directly, as seen in the chart above.
  •  Vodafone Group Entities: There are two separate entities with Vodafone who are involved in the programme. They are:
  1. Vodafone Foundation India: The Vodafone Foundation is the principal funder of the programme. 
  2. Vodafone Emerging Markets: They are the team which created the WebBox. They also form the link between Pratham and CRRI and assist with issues related to the WebBox and SIM cards

Content Creation
  • Srajan Shiksha Foundation Pvt. Ltd.: Srajan is a private educational organisation. Srajan, and their teachers, helped us to prepare the lesson plans which were provided to Callystro, who in turn used these to write the scripts.
  • Callystro: The Pratham team provided the lesson plans to Callystro. Callystro then wrote the scripts, based on which the content was produced.
  • Editors: The external editors then revised the scripts and checked for errors.
  • Collectivity: Final scripts are then sent to Collectivity, who is the production organisation. They produce the videos and slideshows used in the programme.

The entire process is coordinated and overseen by the Pratham team.

  • Valuepoint Knowledgeworks: A large amount of the translation work on our scripts, which had to be translated from English to Hindi, was carried out by Valuepoint Knowledgeworks.
  • LanguageNoBar: LanguageNoBar is another translation company with whom we work extensively. Apart from translating our scripts to Hindi, they also provide us with translation support for many other documents including impact evaluation tests, MoUs, documents for our trainings, various manuals, etc.

Implementation Partners
  • Srajan Shiksha Foundation Pvt. Ltd.: Apart from their role in the content creation process, Srajan is also responsible for implementing the programme in Delhi.
  • Pratham Mysore: Pratham Mysore is our partner in Karnataka and will be responsible for implementing the project in Mysore.

Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Catalyst Management Services: CMS is the external evaluator for the programme. They work to measure the impact of the programme.

  • Sanchar Infotech Pvt. Ltd.: Sanchar is our primary procurement partner. They assist with the procurement process and subsequent coordination with vendors.

Software Application Creation
  • Castle Rock Research India: Castle Rock Research India (CRRI) has created the Solaro system. This is a Learning Management System which we can access to gain information on usage of the WebBox. Additionally CRRI also created the Learning with Vodafone application, which houses the content framework and decrypts and displays the content.