Monday, 23 September 2013

Teacher Training in the Hills

 - Gyan Shree

Gyan Shree is the Management Fellow for the State of Uttarakhand. In this piece, Gyan shares his experience of teacher training in Uttarakhand.

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We have 75 schools in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand for the Learn, Out of the Box programme. The schools are spread over the blocks of Karnaprayag, Dasoli and Gairsain covering a radius of about 70 km.
In the hilly Garhwal terrain it would take 3 to 4 hours to cover the distance of 70 km. Thus, it was decided to conduct a residential teacher training. Since it was residential, we scheduled the trainings to be covered over three days.

Further, we decided to complete the training of about 150 teachers from 75 schools in 4 phases.  The Karnaprayag block was split into 2 parts, to be taken solely by Swarnali, whereas the trainings for the blocks of Dasoli and Gairsain were to be conducted by an additional Master Trainer. Divya, the Master Trainer for Himachal Pradesh was assigned to conduct these trainings.

We have received strong support from the State Government in this project thus far. Thus, a government training center in Gauchar, the District Institute for Education and Training, was selected as the venue.

District Institute for Education and Training - Gauchar
The Inauguration of Training - 3rd Sep 2013

Gauchar is a very beautiful place 10 km from Karnaprayag.  Gauchar has a small airstrip, and was in the news because all airlifts during the Uttarakhand Floods were based out of this location.

The training was inaugurated by the Principal of DIET, the Block Education Officer (BEO) - Karnaprayag and State Head - Pratham. Along with these guests we had also invited several principles of nearby Government colleges.

The State Head - Pratham, Mr. Shyam Dayal Singh introduced Pratham, as an organization, along with our long history of initiatives in Uttarakhand. The Principal – DIET, and BEO – Karnaprayag, recognized the efforts of Pratham and its innovative programmes like Learn, Out of the Box. They wished us the best with the programme and vowed to give their complete and continuous support in the smooth running of this programme.

Response of Teachers

There were 20 teachers from 11 schools in the 1st batch of training. We were quite apprehensive about their response as most of the teachers had approximately 5 to 7 years of teaching experience in government schools. However, with the unending energy of Swarnali, and her engaging technique we quickly found that teachers were having a great time. Swarnali imbibed a sense of curiosity in the teachers which actually brought them to the WebBoxes. They spent time exploring and playing with the contents and checked each application on the WebBox.