Friday, 6 September 2013

Happy Teachers Day!

Teachers are an integral part of any school system, but more than that, they are integral to the development of young minds. We know, from our own experiences, what a large influence our teachers have been on us.

We, at Learn, Out of the Box, take great pride in being a teacher centric intervention as we strongly believe that empowering a teacher has a lasting impact, touching a larger multitude of students over the course of several years.

On the occasion of Teacher's Day we celebrate our teachers and commemorate their efforts. Here is a showcase of their thoughts on the project on this very special day!

Although only a few teachers' thoughts on the project have been showcased here, we would like to thank all of the teachers we work with for their continuing and enduring support.

We wish all of them, and all teachers across the nation, a Happy Teachers' Day!

“I really like the WebBox. It is easy to use, and more effective when used along with regular classroom teaching. It has helped me to plan more activities than before and structure my lessons better.
One of the memorable classes I have taken with the WebBox is Std 6 Science chapter, Separation of Substances. The different methods and processes of separation have been shown very well, making it interesting and easier for students to learn.” 
-Anshu Anand, Delhi

“I find that students are not able to relate concepts taught to real life. The content on the WebBox is very interesting and it helps me relate concepts to real life examples. What I don’t like about the WebBox are the multiple content tabs – I find it confusing to navigate. I also do not like that videos need a long buffering time. I also wish that the training was shorter and that we were given more notice before the training. The trainings are helpful and effective though.” 
- Mahamaya Bose, Delhi

“I don’t like that the videos take a long time to buffer. It is also difficult to explain them to the students since they are all in English. But the students understand concepts much faster with the help of the WebBox. Even though they need help with it, I am able to create more opportunities for group work for my students. I especially enjoyed taking the Fractions lesson with the help of the WebBox. I really wish that the WebBox gets content for Std. 8 as well!” 
- Nikku Kumari, Delhi

“What I like best about the WebBox is the class materials, and access to the internet. Children enjoy learning through videos and activities, and we can always search for extra information using the internet.

A problem we face in our school is frequent power cuts. A lot of class time is wasted when this happens. We also have a lot of internet problems, connecting to the net takes time.

My students voluntarily participate in discussions and answer questions in the classroom, they show increased interest in their studies now.” 
- Suleman Kondpan, Chabua (Assam)

“The WebBox really helps students learn out of the box. Its Audio-Visual and Internet features are really appealing.
One problem I face in using the WebBox is the time factor. The WebBox is kept in a common room, therefore we waste a lot of time in bringing students from the classroom to this room and back.
What I like best about the WebBox is the fact that the content has a lot of examples from daily life. These are useful to clear the concepts of students. Children are often provided with information, but giving them these examples really makes learning application based and fosters a deeper understanding.” 
- Santosh Mundrekaral, Mumbai (Maharashtra)

“I like the WebBox because it makes learning concepts easy for the students, and planning lessons with activities and projects easy for the teacher. Now I do not have to search for resources as they are readily available to me. I took an innovative class on Data Handling – collecting and comparing data – with the WebBox. I find the Pratham staff to be really helpful too, as they regularly visit our school and support us in lesson planning.
I am grateful to them.
Maybe conducting teacher training in the holidays will help solve the problem of absenteeism." 
- Madhu Sudan, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

“I really enjoyed teaching the Sources and Importance of Water chapter to my students using the WebBox. They asked me a lot of questions that day! Science and math is made much easier with the WebBox. I really wish we had content for more classes!
I really believe that we need organizations like Pratham to improve our education system.” 
- Dinesh Kumar Bhinda, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

“We have taken a lot of activities from the WebBox with our Std 6 class. I see that they are learning much more and more thoroughly with the WebBox than before. I like the device because it is easy to use and the content on it is great! But I do feel that the content is limited sometimes, and would like to have it for more subjects.”
- Archana Khandelwal, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

“While explaining the concept of number line, I played a game with cards. I have taken the idea for the game from the WebBox. The students have understood the concept quickly and easily, as well as enjoyed my session. Now students pay more attention towards the subject.”
- Chanchal Sharma, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

“The working of the WebBox is simple because it works just like a mobile phone. I didn’t like that, last year, the videos take a lot of time to buffer. But overall, I have had a good experience in using the WebBox.”
- Harsha Ladkam, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

"Since the students find the content interesting, they get excited to learn through the WebBox. I think training was great and the Pratham staff is very helpful."
- Renu, Delhi

“The students now like science because of the WebBox. The questions addressed in the WebBox are very interesting for them. I wish, though, that there were more videos available in the WebBox, and more topics from the lesson were covered through videos.”
- Amrita Srivastav, Delhi

“My students do not voluntarily participate in discussions or draw connections between concepts taught and real life. But the WebBox’s activities and videos foster deeper understanding of concepts. It is very attractive for the students and helps me save a lot of valuable time.” 
- Sunil Kumar, Delhi

"The WebBox is truly a good and different method of teaching. It is useful for both teachers and students. It makes explaining anything easy and saves time. I like the idea of using the Webbox in teaching, and I think that it allows for the best use of Google and YouTube. Thank you, Pratham and Vodafone, for giving us a better way of teaching and learning."
- Khalid Shaik, Mumbai (Maharashtra)

“I am very thankful to Pratham Education Foundation for providing our school with a WebBox and TV. I get a lot of different ideas for the classroom from the WebBox. I do not need to struggle to explain a concept as the students can now see a video and learn about it. Because of the English content on the WebBox, the English language of our students has improved greatly, they try to converse in English now. I use the Web Search feature to teach History and Geography as well, such as things about trains, or our Earth, etc.  I am happy to be involved in the Learn, Out of the Box project  and our students await and look forward to the WebBox periods.”
- Rashmi Sawant,Mumbai (Maharashtra)