Monday, 17 June 2013

Visit to KVVM Public School, Dilshad Garden and Learning Center, Kabeer Nagar

- Ritika Agarwal

Ritika works with the Vodafone Foundation and here she writes about her experience when visiting two of our implementing locations - the KVVM Public school and the Kabeer Nagar learning centre in Delhi.

Greeted by the friendly principal of KVVM Public School, the VF Team was welcomed to the premises of the public school. We were accompanied by the Regional Program Associate (RPA) – Shahid along with a member from the Pratham Education Foundation- Chandramouli. The team straight away made way to the Smart Class being attended by the 6th grade students, today being held for Science. Whether it be the daily concept of condensation or evaporation – the students were thrilled to be learning about these concepts through the ‘TELEVISION’. Anshu, the class teacher was tactfully answering every question by the eager bunch of kids. This was an experience which their peers did not avail and every kid was ready to flaunt their learning for the day – hardly modest for their age, I say.

The principal and the teacher all clad in Pink – The Pink Angels – is what we addressed them as, would not stop praising the ongoing support from the RPA. They wanted modules to be implemented for all their classes across all the subjects since the kids themselves were so enthusiastic and looked forward to those 2 days in particular when these smart classes were held. The class teacher was extremely satisfied with the performance of the kids and asked if it would be possible for these interactive exercises to be in Hindi too, to maximize benefits of this exercise.

We now made our way to the Pratham Learning Center set in the interiors of Kabeer Nagar. The learning centers are not restricted to any particular grade and welcome kids of all age groups and grades at a very nominal charge. Some of the kids in the learning centers do not have the privilege to attend regular schools since they are enrolled for part time jobs by their parents. For these kids, coming to the learning center is the highlight for the day.

The class today explained about the different water bodies in the world. Even though the kids faced difficulty in understanding the English animated exercises, there was an enthusiasm and desire to comprehend these videos. The in-charge of the learning center expressed the need of teachers teaching in English and the current dearth of a proper pool of teachers. She proudly told the team the increase in enrollments after the WebBox was deployed in their center.

All in all an eventful day and what an accomplishing feeling to see a positive change being brought about for Young India.