Wednesday, 12 June 2013

RPA Training - Set 2

After a great Set 1 training, we bid farewell to the teams from Bihar, Jarkhand and Uttar Pradesh with heavy hearts.

However we had no time to spare, as we soon welcomed our new teams from Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand as well as several of our field staff from Phase 1 of the program - a total of 41 field staff members.

Set 2 of our training for the Regional Program Associates ran from the 8th to the 11th of June. The training schedule followed the same format and sessions as we conducted in the Set 1 training.
To read more about the specifics of each day of training, read our day-wise blog posts on the Set 1 training here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3,and Day 4

The trainings went beyond simply readying the staff for Phase 2 of the program - it also provided and invaluable chance for team members to bond with each other. We saw several friendships being created within State teams and between members from different States as well.

The Learn, Out of the Box team has grown from 18 people in Phase 1 to about 100 members across the various States for Phase 2.

With training completed, we are all returning to our States ready to get started on the next Phase of the program, which is sure to be both challenging and exciting!

Here are some images from our set 2 RPA trainings:
Instructing groups on the introductory activity
RPAs working together in the introductory activity
Coming together at the end of the activity to discuss learnings
An introduction to Pratham
Smaller group discussions
RPAs get familiar with the WebBox
RPAs going through chapters of our digital content
Old RPAs share their phase 1 experiences
Our closing activity where we share our thoughts on each other