Wednesday, 5 June 2013

RPA Training - Day 3

Day 3 of the Training was focused on teacher support and lesson planning using the Web Box.

  • While the day started with a session on teacher training preparation and classroom observation, it went on to classroom sessions that demonstrated SEE, THINK and DO aspects of the Web Box.
  • RPAs in the classroom observation session
  • The SEE, THINK and DO sessions were conducted by our Master Trainers who demonstrated how the teacher could use these different elements to make teaching and learning fun and engaging. The RPA’s enjoyed turning into Class 6 and 7 students even while they clarified most of their doubts on lesson planning. 
Shadab demonstrating a "See" session
Divya conducting a "Think" activity with the RPAs
The RPAs learning about angles through a "Do" activity

  • The later part of the day was given as planning time for them to plan a session using SEE, THINK or DO in any lesson.  All the RPA’s came up with some amazing ideas and plans that were to be presented on the next day.
Natasha going over the planning documents

In the evening the central team and the state teams watched a movie which was screened to lighten up the hectic schedule and refresh them for the last day of the training.