Thursday, 6 June 2013

RPA Training - Day 4

Day 4 started with some interesting and innovative classes taken by our RPA’s to demonstrate SEE, THINK and DO element of the Web Box.

  • The RPAs were given constructive feedback on the positive and negative aspects of their presentations. Most of them walked out the room feeling much more confident and motivated about their role!
  • The next session was an open discussion on the experiences from Phase 1 where all of them got a chance to ask questions to the old RPAs and Central team and learn the valuable insights gained from Phase 1.
  • A session on time management was conducted to help the RPAs schedule and plan their activities in a meaningful manner.
  • Post lunch, we had a session informing the RPAs about monitoring and reporting requirements and finally, the day concluded with a state meeting with their RPMs and MTs.

We bid goodbye to the RPAs with a fun closing activity and collecting their feedback about the training. With their valuable feedback, preparations for Set 2 training are well underway.