Tuesday, 4 June 2013

RPA Training - Day 2

The RPAs started day 2 with some impressive demonstrations using the Web Box - practice for the demonstrations they may be required to give to schools. This session was an opener to a series of practical sessions to help them get a feel of the real field experience.

Demonstrating the program to the group
RPAs enacting a meeting with school management
RPAs discussing their roles the role-play activity

The other sessions which followed were as follows:
RPAs enact the roles in the role-play
  • RPAs were briefed on the End-to-End process of the project by the central team.
  • Subsequently, the RPAs participated in a fun role play. They  were given some challenging situations and they were asked to enact their role and show how they would tackle the issue. The central team enjoyed posing as school management, principals and teachers. The RPAs had a lot of fun enacting their roles and got an idea of the situations the will face in the field
  • Next was the technical troubleshooting session where all the RPA’s had to solve technical problems affecting the WebBox using the troubleshooting manual, the support of their groups and their own application of thought.
An ice-breaker on the importance
of communication
  • The next session on teacher support explained to them that their major responsibilities include lesson planning, classroom support and observation. 
  • They also had a chance to discuss state issues in a state meeting with their respective State-level Manager and Master Trainers, which marked an end to Day 2.

The day wound up with a fun astronomy session in the night where all the participants saw Saturn and different constellations guided by the Pratham Science team.