Monday, 27 May 2013

Staff Training - Training Fellowship - Day 6

On the last day of the training, the training fellows were given time to perform technical troubleshooting. The trainers gained familiarity with some of the technical issues that can come up with the WebBox and other hardware during installation (e.g., no network coverage, SIM not working, bloated battery etc. and the related troubleshooting steps). The trainers, overwhelmed by the whole range of technical issues put in front of them, tried to resolve the issues by applying various technical pointers that were shared with them for technical troubleshooting on Day 5 of the training. The session proved to be really useful for the fellows as it provided them with the opportunity for learning by doing.

The fellows also discussed the importance of two way communication. Clarity, language and visualization of instructions; having a tailor made set of instructions for the targeted audience; importance of asking questions and receiving  clear responses to the same were some of the points that got highlighted during the course of the discussion. 
A math learning session was also conducted to observe how innovation can play a big role in influencing the learning capabilities of students. The session mainly discussed how teachers can pick instances from a daily life to explain different concepts to students, and how connecting various mathematical problems to real life situations can actually help students to understand better. The importance of giving the students the freedom to explore and to find solutions to the problems on their own was another topic that was discussed amongst the group.

The training concluded with a brainstorming session with the entire team thinking about where we hope the program goes and what we hope our own personal growth will be through the growth of this program.