Saturday, 25 May 2013

Staff Training - Training Fellowship - Day 5

After four days of training the fellows on teacher training methods, Day 5 of the training shifted focus to managerial and operational issues. It started off with a briefing on the end-to-end process of the project, moved on to technical troubleshooting and concluded with an interesting session on ‘Capacity building’ by guest speaker Siamak Zahedi.

Briefing on the end-to-end process
  • The fellows gained a detailed perspective on the complete end-to-end process right from identifying schools to monitoring and evaluation of the project. This helped them visualise the bigger picture and understand their role and contribution in the overall scheme of things. 

Nayan points out the back panel
  • In the technical troubleshooting session, the Master trainers got an opportunity to work with the web boxes where each one of them practically experienced the process of setting up a web box from scratch. At the end of the session, they were all confident of being ‘tech-trainers’ as well!

  • The day ended with a wonderful session by Siamak Zahedi on ‘Building capacity of team members.’ Siamak, drawing from his vast experience, used real-life examples to demonstrate the importance of building capacity through some simple strategies like task analysis. He engaged the trainers with a video on ‘Different types of leaders’ by asking them to reflect and make relevant connections with their own experiences. 

Trainers getting hands-on-experience...
...of how to set up the webbox for deployment in schools

Siamak Zahedi addressing the trainers   

In all, Day 5 of training helped the trainers to understand the project as a whole and more importantly, they felt that the guest session acted as a valuable outsider perspective on the project and its challenges.