Thursday, 23 May 2013

Staff Training - Training Fellowship - Day 3

Ziaul teaching us about fractions
On day 3 of training, the entire day was spent focused on replicating the training which will be required to be given to teachers.

Our content is divided into three parts – See, Think and Do:
  • The 'See' section covers visual teaching aides like videos and slideshows which explain concepts to students  
  • The ‘Think’ section provides additional concept related information which goes beyond the text book extends to practical applicability and uses of concepts; and new and interesting facts related to the concepts.
  • The 'Do' section emphasises learning by doing and provides ideas on activities, projects, games etc for teacher to use. Additionally the Do section contains question banks for use in class.
The day was spent planning how to use each one of these sessions in a classroom with the trainers split into smaller groups of two.

"Students" physically make a number line
Each group spent time planning in details the specifics of the session and its execution. Subsequently, two to three of the groups would present each of the sections to the rest of the group, who in term performed the function of being the students.

After each session, the larger group would come together to give feedback to the presenters and discuss what they saw, thought and wondered about each presentation.

Bikash wears a hat made in a class activity
This was definitely a worthwhile exercise for a number of reasons including: understanding how to apply these concepts and sessions in a classroom; becoming familiar with the training to be imparted to teachers on this content framework; and additionally being able to empathise with what is required from the teachers.
Some reflection on sessions...
...and some more reflections....
..and some fun too