Friday, 19 April 2013

Staff Training: Day 5

Experiences from Phase 1

Mumbai RPAs Rekha & Neelakshi and Delhi RPA Durgesh
We began the day with a discussion on the team’s experiences from Phase one. The session was focused on the Regional Program Associate’s from both Maharashtra and Delhi, with additional input from Jaga who manages the Mysore program as well as the central team.  The RPAs explained their day-to-day activities working with schools – as well as the challenges and successes in the field. These included:
  • Difficulty in identifying schools that meet the necessary criteria
  • Logistical and technical problems faced before the program launches
  • High teacher attrition in private schools
  • Difficulty in developing and sustaining teacher motivation for the project
  • Strong relationships with teachers that develop over time

Creative Problem Solving

Guest Speaker: Sukhada Ghosalkar
One group’s brainstorming

The session was conducted by Ms. Sukhada who works specifically on training with Pratham. The session was focused on channelling creativity to solve challenging problems with limited resources. The workshop was interactive and included team activity that encouraged participants to share their past experiences working in the field. One of the activities used Edward de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats as a structure for problem solving.

Making Math Fun!


Algebra Tiles used to
Simplify Expressions
Here we focused on the need to rethink the way we teach Math in schools. The emphasis was on moving from the abstract to making Math more concrete. The session provided a series of activities as examples of how we can make Math more concrete for our students. It began breaking down a much dreaded word problem into a simple role-play. This was followed by having participants discover the formula of a triangle from a rectangle; and finally used algebra tiles to simplify expressions.

The session ended with a discussion on the Ted Talks video by Dan Meyer's “Math Class Needs a Makeover”.


On to the States


The day ended with the central team updating the RPMs on the status of the project in each state.