Thursday, 18 April 2013

Staff Training: Day 4

On Day-4 we organized:
  • An interactive discussion on team management and best practices in project management with regards to this program – based on experiences from phase 1
  •  An experience on activity-based science learning.
  • A reflective session on leadership, leading team and capacity building.

Mr.Jaga[1] started the first session on people and project management and began by asking the question “What does ‘learning well’ meant to everyone?”

Mr. Jaga also facilitated discussions on the importance of establishing trust when working in teams and importance with respect to our program. This was specifically important considering the number of actors and stakeholders involved, including state teams, field staff members and most importantly teachers.

In the second session, Mr.Neel[2] and Ms.Jayshree[3] from Pratham’s Science team transported the thoughts of the participants to the world of science.

The Pratham science team has created innovative science teaching methods using simple resources. Our guest speakers for this session demonstrated activity based learning on ‘Centre of Gravity’, ‘Identifying Magnetic Materials’, ‘Simple Machines’ and other concepts. The second session focused on emphasizing the advantages of a “learning by doing” model, which provides an opportunity to observe, interact and learn. Such learning methods can also impact the ability of students to retain concepts.

We spent the second half of the day in a session on “Leadership and Capacity Building” led by Mr. Siamack Zahedi[4]. 

A few important highlights from this session were:
  1. The key levers in building capacity of teams are:
    • Clarifying vision
    • Providing support
    • Sustaining motivation
  2. Towards the end of the session, Mr. Zahedi used a TED talk to highlight different leadership styles and encourage people to think and reflect on their own leadership style.
The day ended on a lighthearted note, with a 'games night' at our guest house in which everyone played some fun games and generally got to know one another.

We would like to thank our speakers for making the fourth day of our RPM training a memorable one!

[1]: Mr.Jagadish Shri manages “Learn,Out of The Box” program in Mysore. Mr.Jaga comes with rich experience in management from the IT industry where he has managed and led various teams.

[2] and [3]: Mr. Neel and Ms.Jayashree are from Pratham’s Science Team

[4]: Mr.Siamack Zahedi has been engaged in a variety of formal and informal non-profit endeavors focused on educational reform in India. He spearheaded the design and set up of Brilliant Stars School in rural northeastern India in 2006 and the Gateway School of Mumbai – a non-profit school for kids with disabilities.