Monday, 15 April 2013

Staff Training: Day 1

The team sits together and is discussing the activity
As part of the Pratham Education Fellowship, the Learn, Out of the Box team welcomes five brilliant new candidates who are joining as Regional Managers for the program: Brajesh, Indu, Samir, Sapna and Kumod. They bring with them a great deal of experience, as well as a passion and dedication towards education.

The Regional Managers will look after the program in each State and lead the implementation team on the ground, and thus, provide the vital link between the central team and the program beneficiaries. The Managers have joined the Central team in Mumbai for a 6 day training program.

Monday, the 15th marked the first day of our staff training. On day 1 the new managers spent time on many different sessions. Some of these sessions covered:

The team members discuss their views on the educational process
  • Getting to know one another
  • Learning about Pratham's various programs, and specifically the Learn, Out of the Box program
  • Discussing the status of education in the country and in their respective states.
  • Learning about each others'  views towards education.
  • Briefings on their roles and responsibilities 
  • A demonstration of the WebBox and its digital content

Radhika conducting her "How we Learn" session
Also, we were joined by a guest speaker, Radhika Zahedi, who took the time to support us in our training. Radhika conducted a session on how individuals learn and the importance of understanding that process. The session also focused on how this can be applied in the context of our program. A big "Thank you!" to Radhika and we look forward to seeing her again on Day 2!

 Overall, day 1 of training went of smoothly. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of training, s o please do keep an eye open.

 Some snapshots of the team preparing for the next day of training!