Monday, 11 March 2013

School Profile - K.M.S Dr. Shirodkar High School

Kids running in the corridors, the shouts at the bell, walls covered with charts and the familiar prayer on the intercom – the typical sights and sounds of a school greeted me as I visited K.M.S Dr. Shirodkar High School.  An active user of the WebBox, the Dr. Shirodkar High School is housed in a school building with multiple institutions, including a junior college, school for special children, and a B. Ed. college.


About the School

School Timing: 2 Batches: Morning and Afternoon
School Board: Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C)
School Type: Government Aided
Medium of Instruction: English and Marathi
Total Number of Students: 2200
School fee per annum: Nil
Facilities and Amenities: They use multiple science laboratories, a library, a computer laboratory, a government playground opposite the school and Mid-Day Meals for the students of Std. 5 – 8.
Student’s Average Household Income: Rs. 50,000 – 80,000 per annum
Std with the WebBox: 7th
Number of Divisions: 6 (3 in the morning batch and 3 in the afternoon)
Total Number of Students impacted by the WebBox: 450
Number of Teachers using the WebBox: 6

Having morning and afternoon batches, the school has maximized the use of the WebBox.


From the Principal


The Principal, Mrs. Shaila Mane, says:
 “It is the computer era. With a new generation and new syllabus, it is important for us to move with the times. The Pratham WebBox initiative has brought technology to our classrooms. The solution is really liked by the students and it has increased their interest in the subject. Hard concepts are easily taught. We are very happy with the support and services provided by Pratham.” 
With the coming of the new academic year, the principal plans to incorporate ‘WebBox classes’ in the timetable itself, allotting a double period each week for the use of the WebBox.

About the Teachers


Here are some details about the teachers that use the device:

Name of the Teacher: Kamini Kendre Vikas Wahane Vaishali Ubhe
Educational Qualification: M. A. in History, B. Ed. M.A. in History, D.Ed, pursuing B. Ed. B. A. in Marathi.
Years in Teaching: 10 yrs, 7 in this school. 13 yrs in the same school. 12 yrs in the same school.
Subjects Taught: Maths. Maths and Science. Marathi, Hindi and Science.
Classes Taught: 5th and 7th. 6th – 8th. 5th – 7th.
Why did they become a teacher? It was a childhood aspiration, encouraged by parents. Being a class topper, he believes this job suits him. It was her father’s wish that she becomes a teacher.

The teachers who use the WebBox at the Dr. Shirodkar High School
The teachers all unanimously agree that they use the videos on the WebBox the most. They believe that the audio-visual support makes their teaching very easy. Moreover, the examples given in the videos help them to connect the concepts to real world applications. They do not like that the videos have a long loading time though, and they would like more videos and images.



Student’s Profile 

Let’s hear what a student has to say:
One of our team members,
Natasha (left) with Shreyali (right)

Student’s Name: Shreyali Wahane
Favourite Subjects: Maths and Science
Family Background: Both of Shreyali’s parents are teachers. She has a younger brother. Having an academic household has helped her as she is consistently at the top of her class without any tuition classes.
Why do you like school? Shreyali likes school because of her friends. She feels bored at home in the holidays.
What do you like about the WebBox? She likes the videos in the WebBox as they show her what the actual object would look like and real world applications. She finds it easier to learn confusing concepts with the videos.
What do you dislike about the WebBox? She does not like that online videos stop in the middle due to low internet connectivity and that there is a lot of loading time.
Future Aspiration: She wants to be a doctor.