Monday, 28 January 2013

Where does "Learn, Out of the Box" fit in the Learning process?

Learning is a continuous process and hence it is important for us to see where we stand and move forward accordingly.

In this article, we are going to be looking at an interesting concept of learning process model (reference1) as outlined in a research paper authored by Bill Buckler.  As clearly mentioned in the paper, learning should be looked as a process that results in a changed behaviour. The three important levers that could enable this change in behaviour are focus, environment and techniques adopted to learn. The change in behaviour should be channelled through an appropriate curriculum and methods of teaching.

Without doubt, ICT interventions like ‘Learn, Out of the Box’ create an environment and an opportunity to learn in an innovative way. It helps students move from ignorance to understanding phase quickly. However, the environment must be an eco system that includes Teachers, ICT interventions, methods of teaching, nudging experiments and assignments, activity based learning etc.

The research paper1 also discusses a learning process model which is aimed to look at various resources available in the learning environment and how they all need to talk to each other to provide an innovative learning platform.

To ensure we are helping underprivileged students understand and learn, our job isn’t done just by providing the WebBox. Hence, we constantly engage teachers towards
  • Providing teachers with the required technical support to use WebBox on an ongoing basis
  • Bringing teachers together during our Teacher training programs to discuss ways to make the class room more interactive
  • Innovating new methods of teaching to move the needle from learning to understanding. As part of Pratham Fellowship programme we are hiring master trainers to work towards the same goal.