Monday, 14 January 2013

Vodafone Execo Visit to Pratham Learning Center in Mukundpur Village

 - Aditi Anand, Vodafone Foundation

On Monday, 7th January 2013, Manu Kapoor, Vodafone External Affairs Head and Laura Turkington, Country Director, Vodafone Foundation, visited one of the thirty-eight Learning with Vodafone Project sites in Delhi. In company were Samyukta, Pratham Regional Head and Arif, Regional Program Associate for the Project in Delhi.

The students of the learning center welcomed them with bright smiles, colorful self-made New Year Greeting cards and toy elephants, red roses, Superman book marks, etc.

The Maths class for sixth standard students was very engaging especially since the teacher, Yasmin, had downloaded a couple of select videos on the topic to be played in class. After the class was over, Manu encouraged everyone and asked for their feedback on the programme

The students said :-
  1. That they love the LCD installed
  2. It makes the lesson fun
  3. Videos played in the class are good
The Math teacher, Yasmin, said :-
  1. It helps her teach better
  2. It increases student interest in the classroom

A very proactive and lively center head Nasreen, who is also trained on the Learning with Vodafone Programme, said that many students from the village visit the center and stand outside the Smart Class to have a peek at the “LCD”. Apparently , the gossip is that while everyone has a TV at home, the LCD is perceived to be cooler by the children, hence the spark of interest.

Samyukta and Arif, who are spearheading the initiative in Delhi/NCR said :-
  1. They are very positive about the new Hindi content that they are creating for the project to be deployed in phase 2 of the project
  2. The Pratham training experts are working on creating new exercises in addition to the lesson to help students with better exam preparation
  3. The speed of the internet at this center is very fast, and will only get better with other centers
  4. The Emerging Markets team at Vodafone are working in close co-ordination to provide requisite support to resolve any hardware problems

All in all – a fun learning experience!