Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The “Scientific” Partnership!

Pratham and MMG International (MakeMeGenius) have entered into a new partnership to improve the learning and understanding levels of science concepts using interactive MakeMeGenius videos in digital classrooms.

MakeMeGenius is a group formed by secondary grade students with an aim to create a good education website for science education.

MakeMeGenius believes that we all learn in 3 different ways: Auditory (by listening) ,Visual (by watching) & Kinesthetic (by doing/experimenting) and the learning improves as soon as we move from Auditory to Kinesthetic.

With a commitment to improve quality in education, Pratham has always been ready for valuable partnerships and collaborative efforts to improve the thought process and understanding levels at grass root levels. Pratham will start delivering the interactive videos from MakeMeGenius though it's various programs including Learn, Out of The Box to make quality content available to the underprivileged community in rural and low income schools.

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