Monday, 7 January 2013

Launching Phase 1

After 6 months of hard work, adjusting and readjusting, and valuable learning, we are glad to announce that we have finally completed signing up schools and training teachers for Phase 1.

In Phase 1:

We have enrolled 151 schools,
Across 6 states and 8 locations,
Trained over 300 teachers,
And reached out to over 6,000 children.

The Rollout

Our approach to enrolling schools was different in different locations. In Assam and Karnataka for example, we enrolled all schools first and then conducted the teacher trainings. In Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur, we enrolled and trained schools in batches.


A Brief Profile of Schools:

•    Low Income Private, Government, or Government Aided schools
•    Mostly English medium, with a few exceptions.
•    Teach Math and Science in English
•    Have a fee below Rs. 500 a month
•    By and large do not have other ICT interventions

To know more about the process followed in selecting and launching in these schools in Phase 1, please refer to our previous blog post called 'Select, Train, Launch'

Reaching out to so many schools, spread across so many locations, brought with it its own set of challenges and learnings. Phase 1 has given us feedback through experience and observation, which will only help us improve our processes and strategy for Phase 2.

Look out for our next post on challenges and learnings, to be posted on Thursday the 10th of January!