Monday, 20 August 2012

Declining Competence Levels

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), facilitated by Pratham, is the largest survey of its kind and focuses on measuring the learning levels of children in elementary school. The survey examines the level of children's arithmetic and reading competence across the country. In both arithmetic and reading, the survey measures students abilities across multiple levels of incremental difficulty. In mathematics the levels are: no competence, number recognition, subtraction and division. 

The graphs below show the ASER data for arithmetic amongst children in the 6th and 7th standards in the States where we are currently implementing the 'Learn, Out of the Box' program. As we can see in the graphs, the percentage of children able to solve a simple division problem (the highest competence level) over the past four years has decreased in all of our implementing States.

The program hopes that its mathematics content can have a positive impact on students and assist in improving the learning outcomes of the children we are focusing on.

Click here to view more in-depth data from the ASER surveys.