Monday, 4 June 2012

To Implement or Not to Implement

There are many projects that come Pratham’s way. Many we decide to take on, while there are many that we decide not to.  The decision to get involved is based on various factors including:
  • The project’s relevance to what Pratham does and believes in
  • Pratham ability to deliver the project successfully
  • The impact of the project on the end beneficiary
  • The relevance of the project to Pratham’s growth plans

When Vodafone Foundation came to Pratham, they said that they would like to start with standard 6th and 7th and subjects Mathematics and Science.

Pratham has a very strong presence in pre-primary & primary education at one end and then vocational skilling of young adults (18+ years) at the other end. However, we have sparsely concentrated on 6th – 10th standard.

Upon some debate, Pratham decided that we would take on the project. While our presence is weak in 6th & 7th standard, we knew that:
  1. We wanted to build a stronger presence in the 6th -10th standards. This project would help us start doing that
  2. We had the ability to create relationships in schools and introduce the project in  6th and 7th standards
In addition to the above, there were other reasons that led to our decision to take up this project, including: 
  • Scale: Pratham believes in scale and rolling out the project in 1000 schools is exactly what Pratham is confident and good at doing
  • Technology: The use and growth of technology cannot be denied and Pratham has to understand the impact of different types of technologies on student learning
  • Innovation: Many of the ICT initiatives tend to be focused on children, whereas this is focused on teachers. That makes this initiative quite unique.