Saturday, 9 June 2012

Roles and Responsibilities

The ‘Learn, Out of the Box’ project is a partnership between the Vodafone Foundation and the Pratham Education Foundation - each organisation has its role to play for the successful implementation of this project.

The Vodafone Foundation
The Vodafone Foundation will provide the allocated funds for the project, as well as support Pratham in the implementation of the project as needed. This support will include facilitating the acquisition of the required hardware – i.e. the WebBoxes - and sharing their experiences and any materials from their pilot of 10 schools in Bangalore.

Pratham Education Foundation
The implementation, deployment as well as the operational oversight of the project will be the responsibility of Pratham. Major components of Pratham’s role will include:
  • Overseeing the overall implementation of the project in schools Designing holistic teacher training 
  • Conducting monitoring and evaluation as well as reporting on the project’s progress 
  • Addressing any operational and technical issues which arise during the project
Although Pratham is the primary implementing organisation, we have partnered with a local organisations in Mysore to reinforce our reach in Karnataka where we do not have a large direct presence.

Pratham Mysore
Pratham Mysore is our partner in Karnataka and will be responsible for implementing the project in Mysore. Pratham Mysore began its work in 2002 with balwadis. Today it is a well established organisation which is well respected in the local education sector and has a wide range of activities. To learn more about the organisation visit their website at