Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Plan and Phase 1

The 'Learn, Out of the Box' program will reach 1000 schools and 50,000 children over the course of three years. The implementation of the program has been planned in three staggered phases, with each phase having a progressively wider coverage:
  • Phase 1:      150 schools
  • Phase 2:      850 schools

Phase 1’s Geographic Coverage
Phase 1 was launched in July 2012 and is now towards the end of rolling out. The program has been rolled out in 8 locations which aim at covering a broad geographic area. The locations can be seen in the map below:

The Target Segment

This program has been designed for schools which cater to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, who have limited access to resources and technology.

In Phase 1 we are aiming at reaching the following:
  • Mathematics and Science classrooms
  • 6th and 7th standards
  • English Medium Schools

The types of schools we will be present in are:
  • Government schools
  • Low-income private schools
  • NGO run schools
  • Supplemental learning centers (Urban Learning Centers)

Deploying Phase 1
We started by pilotting the program in 2 schools in each location for 1 month, in order to evaluate our training and implementation materials and methodology.

The program  was subsequently launched in the remaining schools gradually. We estimate that the first phase of the program will be rolled-out completely by the en of November.

The Future

The dates for the rollout of the subsequent phases will be April 2013.
In addition to the numeric increase in the number of schools, we also plan to increase the scope and coverage in phases 2 and 3. Currently we are contemplating expanding in the following ways:
  • Geographically – Deploying the program in additional states and locations
  • Subjects – Adding new subjects in the program content
  • Languages – Creating content in local languages
  • Classes – Expanding the program to a wider range of classes

As our future plans continue to be consolidated, we intend to inform you of them through our blog.